Outsourced Solutions

J2 Response offers a number of outsourced solutions to help you manage your direct response campaigns. These include: call center management, telemarketing, outsourced customer service, order management, fulfillment, merchant processing, etc. These outsourced services allow you to streamline processes and focus on your core business, saving you money and increasing your ROI. Reporting can be customized and provided on a daily, weekly, and/or monthly basis.


  • Call Center Management

    J2 can create and deploy a personalized call center strategy to drive up sales and profits.
    We work directly with the client, call center, and agents to get the desired results. We organize all types of call centers — 24/7, large corporate, small boutique, inbound, outbound, customer service, and aggressive sales teams.
    We optimize and test all elements of the call center to ensure the best results. Every call is a sales opportunity. Contact us to learn more.

  • Fulfillment Services

    At J2, we can help you find the ideal partner to outsource your product fulfillment services for your direct response campaigns. By outsourcing to a leading fulfillment house, you get best of breed services, infrastructure and support that you may otherwise not be able to manage on your own.

    By focusing on your core business, and leaving the order fulfillment to highly specialized experts, you gain from their experience while streamlining your operations and reducing your overhead, inventory management and overall fulfillment costs. Call us to learn more!

  • Merchant Processing

    At J2, we can help you find the ideal merchant processing provider to help you accept and process your payments via web, phone, mail, from debit cards, credit cards, e-checks and electronic gateways. The success of your direct response campaigns depends largely on your ability to not turn down a client because they can’t pay in person. By partnering with a leading merchant account processor, you get best in class services, solid reporting and the support that would allow you to properly manage your cash flow.

    By working with a Direct Response friendly merchant account processor, you gain from their experience while optimizing your cash reserves, and minimizing your transactional costs. Call us for additional information!

  • Order Management

    At J2, we can help you outsource advanced order management systems for your direct response campaigns.

    By outsourcing best of breed order management solutions, you can get real time tracking, visibility and insight of your orders from your direct response efforts. Knowing your key order management metrics translates into more sales and improved operational efficiencies. Call us to learn more!

  • Outsourced Customer Service

    An effective customer service operation can translate into additional revenue and increased customer retention. From general company or product questions and answers, to order tracking and customer inquiries, our outsourced customer service solutions can give your customers the service they are looking for.

    At J2, we have the expertise to set up an outsourced customer service program that is custom built for your needs, with scalable solutions for complete customer relationship management. Contact us to learn more.

  • Telemarketing Programs

    When you outsource your telemarketing programs through J2 Response, we coordinate a full telemarketing strategy and implementation. We take your current inbound or outbound telemarketing efforts and turn them into a profitable revenue stream. Our outsourced telemarketing services range from setting goals to adjusting scripts to analyzing inbound and outbound telemarketing calls. Contact us to learn more!

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