We are very proud of our work in the field of direct response marketing, and would like to let you know about some of the successful campaigns we have managed in the recent past. We hope these case studies give you some insight and ideas for your next direct response campaign, and we believe that one of the  BEST ideas you can have is HIRING us to manage your next direct response campaign.

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  • Online Beauty Campaign Case Study

    A leading manufacturer of nutritional supplements approached j2 Response to develop a direct response landing page to promote a free 30 day trial of their high grade anti-wrinkle cream. The design and formulation placed the product as a high grade appeal typically found within high end retailers. J2 Response took on the process of developing the landing page, while implementing various A/B test variables that rotated simultaneously as visitors were driven to the site. This allowed J2 the ability to determine which headline, call to action, layout, and imagery were capable of developing the highest response rate. As an example the imagery test positioned a) aggressive before & after photo vs. b) glamour stock images shot. Through various testing it was discovered the glamour shot developed a 3 point lift over the before and after imagery. When working with J2, we are always looking for ways to driving the best performance for your product and offer!

  • Intellectual Property Television Case Study

    The spokesperson for a leading show on A&E was looking for a sales mechanism to start selling his book via traditional direct response media. The goal – to generate sales and leads to funnel through an aggressive sales coaching process. This client had aggressive goals to build this campaign, but had to accomplish this task strategically to make sure they did not overextend themselves financially and operationally. J2 recommended testing first within long form radio and newspaper print, allowing the client to test various marketing messages to dial in the show. The call to action through both media channels started developing a cost per order that was in line with the goals and the leads were converting into high order value coaching programs. Once the client decided the program was a success they moved into a long form television production. This media channel was the overall goal for the client, but they did not want to move into television before knowing the messaging and process worked. This strategy allowed the client to perfect the message prior to the television production which ultimately lead to a successful Long Form TV campaign.

  • New Product to Market Case Study

    A nationally known Doctor and product formulator contacted to j2 Response with a product idea, formulation and science. As the Doctors passion is clearly represented through his credentials and product studies, he did not know how to take his vision and build a business. J2 Response took him through a demonstration of their full service approach from product design, naming, banding, strategic planning, creative, call center and operational items. It was a perfect match – J2 was hired and lead the development of his Direct Response Division allowing the Doctor to concentrate on what he knows best…the formulation and science.

  • Data Monetization Case Study

    Clients are often times focused directly on driving new customer acquisitions and dismiss the importance of monetizing every sale and non-sale generated. Customer acquisition is just one piece of the puzzle – in today’s Direct Response environment you need to monetize every data point to ensure a profitable business. That’s why j2 Response emphasizes to its clients that once the front end is dialed in, the customer database needs to be monetized. Turn those customers into additional revenues by selling them more products and services. J2 Response has implemented various processes that creates data funnels for one-time, continuity, leads, cancels, non-sales, etc. and has developed a system to reach the customer through various media channels to generate additional revenue.. So if a customer has already expressed interest in your organization, make sure you’re keeping in front of them.